Endometriosis Pain Management in Dubai

Endometriosis Pain Management in Dubai

Are you seeking relief from the debilitating pain of endometriosis? Look no further than Dr. Alphy S Puthiyidom, a renowned specialist dedicated to alleviating endometriosis pain and enhancing your quality of life. Addressing chronic pelvic pain often involves a multifaceted approach, incorporating diverse treatments such as psychotherapy, medication, and specific injections targeting trigger points and nerves. These interventions, combined with laparoscopic surgery , aim to effectively assist patients in the successful management of their endometriosis-induced pain.

Endometriosis Surgeon in Dubai, UAE

Treatment Options

Medication for Pain Symptoms

* Muscle Relaxing Medications: Targeting muscle cramping and pelvic pain , medications like baclofen, tizanidine, and others ease discomfort associated with endometriosis irritation.
* Anti-Depressants: Effective in managing chronic pain, these medications, such as desipramine and amitriptyline, aid in reducing nerve-related endometriosis pain.
* Anti-Convulsant Medications: Gabapentin, pregabalin, and topiramate are prescribed in smaller doses to alleviate endometriosis pain, with added benefits like weight management.

Interventional Therapies

* Nerve Blockade: Diagnostic and therapeutic, these procedures help understand and alleviate pain by targeting specific nerves causing discomfort due to endometriosis.
* Muscle Injections: Addressing pelvic floor spasms and trigger points, local anesthetic injections effectively diagnose and treat secondary sources of endometriosis pain.
* Physical Therapy: Half of the treatment plan for endometriosis pain involves physical therapy, focusing on muscle training to control and reduce pelvic pain.
* Behavioral Therapy: Managing stress, frustration, and pain associated with endometriosis is crucial. Dr. Alphy S Puthiyidom emphasizes the role of trained therapists in aiding comprehensive treatment.
* Acupuncture: For longer-lasting relief, regular appointments with an acupuncturist have shown significant reductions in endometriosis-related pain.

Endometriosis Surgeon in Dubai, UAE

Your Path to Relief

At our clinic, Dr. Alphy S Puthiyidom provides personalized care tailored to your specific needs. Experience a multidisciplinary approach to managing endometriosis pain, enhancing your well-being and restoring your quality of life.
Take the first step towards a life with reduced endometriosis pain. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Alphy S Puthiyidom today. Your journey to relief begins here.


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